Tax Services


Income tax planning involves a review of the individual's tax and financial status, including funds available for investment.  Matheney, Stees also has expertise in estate planning. If the client so desires, tax return preparation can be included in the service.


Matheney Stees is highly involved in all tax aspects of an accounting practice. A significant amount is spent each year on resources to keep our tax library up to date. Substantially all of our staff members have handled tax preparation.

The high level of technical complexity associated with certain industries and areas of taxation calls for competent, imaginative, and timely tax services. We have people experienced in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and other industries. We continually strive to maintain a working knowledge of information on the latestdevelopments in matters particular to our clients.

Our experience includes intimate involvement in a national tax policy issue related to exempt organizations resulting in a precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Tax Compliance

Many companies use our tax professionals to assist in preparing their federal and state income tax returns and in representing the institution in an examination by the IRS. Careful preparation and review of federal and state income tax returns is an important area of service to a substantial number of our clients.

In our continuing effort to render quality compliance service, our office processes our tax returns through ProSystem, a recognized leader in tax computer technology. By utilizing ProSystem capabilities, our professionals' time is spent analyzing alternatives and formulating planning opportunities rather than processing numbers.

Tax Planning

In addition to compliance work, one of the most important services we provide is tax planning. Our tax professionals supplement their extensive experience with the use of the latest in computer technology to assist them in providing compliance and consulting services and in obtaining up-to-the-minute information when necessary. Utilizing our state-of-the-art computer programs which drastically reduce the time spent on tedious and time-consuming computations, we can test alternative planning possibilities more efficiently.

Online Client Organizer

As an additional service for our tax clients, Matheney Stees & Associates is making available an online organizer to assist our in accumulating and providing the data to prepare their tax return.  This online organizer works in much the same way the paper organizer works except it makes mailing the paper organizer no longer necessary.  You go online and complete many of the same steps you would normally complete with the paper organizer.  You can upload your supporting documents update data from the prior year.  We are then able to import your data directly into the CCH ProSystem Tax software.  This enables time save to be used to optimize your return and evaluate alternatives.  

To use the online organizer click the button below and follow the easy instructions to enter your data.